Hi readers, I am Vicky of 25/M & stay in Delhi. A sardar by religion & Punjabi breed makes me heavy built personality with 5.9” height, weighing about 70kg. The only reason to be here is to bring you a experience I had with my bhabhi Rinku. No need to say that names are not really. My elder brother got married 2 years ago with Rinku & we are happy living family in a big house of Delhi.

Our family is well bonded with love and affection in all of us & Rinku brought the same with her when got married. I never thought that things will turn out to be on this part which is out of intention & innocence. Sometimes when I was in the house I see that Rinku is always active in her day to day activities in house. I respect my parents brother and bhabhi too.

Honestly I never had any intentions on her. We have a family business which was going well. My brother was more engage whole day with my father in business while they always wanted me to study well and settle in UK, US. My mother was housewife. I got more attracted to Rinku when once I was fetching her from market by our car & she came and sat next to my seat.

She had done lot of shopping. She was wearing a red kurta, white duppatta and thin material white salwar typical Punjabi style. The cut of her kurta was very deep, and so I was able to see mild glimpse of her lacy panty which was of red colour. Sexy lingerie’s attracts me a lot, my weak point (kamzori).

She always dresses herself in typical Punjabi style kurtis, salwar, dupattas, chudi, payal. Now, in car while she was peeping out of car window, I would stare at her blurry visible panty. Since thn I had loose my control & always was in point to look at her undergarments somewhere in her room or kept in bathroom or hanged for drying. I never gave up noticing that see have varieties of lingeries.

Now my mind has been diverted to masturbate while imagining Rinku in those lingerie’s. I use to masturbate 2,3 times in a day. Once it so happened that my mother have been to Punjab. I use to go to college & on my return I saw Rinku working in the kitchen. Of course, I don’t have courage to propose of my crush directly but was planning something or the other to reach my target.

I started being free with Rinku. Helping her, touching her casually & chit chatting with her. She asked me “kya hua hai tenu aaj bohat madddad kar raha hai”, I said “bas aap akeli ho to maddad kar raha hu”, she said “koi aur irada to nahi”, I said “kya matlab?” she said “kisi ladki k chakar me to nahi hai tu?”, I said “of course not bhabhi”, she said “to fir?”,

I said “bhabhi 1 baat kahu?” she said “mai janti hu tere mann me kuch hai, bol!”, I said “bhabhi mujhe lingerie’s bohat attract karti hai, bhabhi sorry if I had cross the limit”, she said “nahi it is ok, but it is normal if it attracts & so?”. I said “I always dream about one girl studying with me to be in designer lingerie’s & that disturbs me since she is engage with someone”.

She said “to kya?”, on her such question I left the kitchen to my room and slept in depression. I was feeling shy to make eye contacts with Rinku anyway, days pass & after a week when I return from college. I went strainght to my room, she noticed it and then after an hour she knock, it was Rinku “can I come in?” Me “yes”. She came in & sat on my chair.

I was not making any eye contact and she asked “why r u behaving so?” I replied “just nothing bhabhi” Rinku was in light orange color tight to bodyfit kurti, salwar, dupatta. She was blushing a bit & I was trying to avoid. She said “can I do something for you?”, “no bhabhi it is fine” I replied. She stood up brush my hair & hold my ears.

I said “bhabhi I m in not stable mood, please leave me alone”. She said “dekh Vicky dard batnese kam hota hai, dekho mere paas, meri ankhon mein dekho…”. I looked at her eyes they were inviting me, but she is my bhabhi & this should not proceed. While I was looking at her she open her hair & made it loose spread on her shoulder & back.

I was also arousing I guess! She came closer to me and hold my cheeks & said “cheer up Vicky”. That’s it I pulled & hugged her badly, very firm, strong grip. I said “kaha thi tum itne din, kyu tadpa rahi thi?”. “Tujhe garam kar rahi thi Vicky”. “ab ye garmi kaha nikalu?”. “mujh par nikalo Vicky”. We hugged kissed all over face, neck, she had really very sweet aroma in her body.

I said “bhabhi mujhe aur ek chiz acchi lagti hai!” she said “kya?” I said “ladies ka gandi/sexy baat bolna”. She said “naughty, Aaj teri har tamanna puri karungi”. We again hugged and explored each other’s assets by our hands. She was holding my butt & I was rubbing her back; while having French kiss and eating and sucking each others mouth.

Later she came to my chest and kissed it over my t-shirt. I was in jeans too. She was lifting my t-shirt a bit and was feeling shy to remove it, I helped her do that. I lifted her kurti upto her gaand and was massaging her gaand covered in salwar and beneath was her lacy lingerie’s which I could feel. Touching the lingerie’s I got more aroused.

I lifted her kurti a little bit and bring it upto her boobs, allowing me to explore her tummy, belly button. Her skin was very soft and silky. I haven’t looked what color lingeries were they as I was exploring by my hand as we were busy in French kiss again. She was rubbing her hand over my hairy chest. She was loving it. She said “kurti utardo Vicky”.

I said “rinku randi saali tu aaj mere liye sabse bada accha tohfa layi ho” she said “ye kya bol rahe ho?” I said “maine kaha na mujhe gandi baate sunna accha lagta hai, bhool gai?” she said “accha yaad diya, waise mujhe bhi accha lagta hai par main bolti nahi hu kyu ke tera bhai mera pati hai is liye, lekin ab woh bhi bolungi”.
Next what she said was unbelievable “abbe ae bhabhichod, bhosadiwale, meri kurti nikal ab bohat ho gaya! Aaj tujhe main jannat ki sher karaungi”. I said “wow Rinku aur bolo…”. Now while lifting her kurti I was touching her lacy bra which was making me feel that my most pleasureable time is going to unveal today. I touched her bra’s lace and was feeling more erotic.

Then I turned her around so that she is facing against me. I rub her tummy and after making her hairs aside I lifted her kurti. I could see her bra straps, it was light yellow color designer lacy bra. I was on the verge of screaming out of pleasure but control. The moment I turn her around, I saw her boobs in light yellow bra, I got mad on it and was brushing my lips and eating those swollen mangoes, hmmm tasty.

She said “bhenchod kha mere aam chus madarchod, land ke baal, aaj teri bhabhi ko chod kar maza dilade chut marike”. Now she was only in bra, thin salwar with panty inside. I said “maa ki lodi aaj tak tere aage piche gumta raha tab kaha thi, mere bhai se shaadi ki to kya hua; mujhe ek baar chut nahi de sakti thi randi saali”. Our face were wet with saliva and we were breathing heavy.

Now I went down kissed her belly and kissed hard. She was crushing my head over her bra covered boobs. I was also pressing her buttocks in salwar and waiting to see her lacy panty. She was in dreamland and so was I. I started to pull her salwar’s nada and she stopped me with an intention if at all this can be stopped. But no chance, the arrow has left the bow and it has to hit the target.

I pulled the string and it got loosen up, I slide it down a bit and could see matching color lacy panty. I said “thank you Rinku”. She said “bhosadiwale aaj apni chudale bhenchod tujhe acchi lagti haina to bas aur kya chahiye? Mere paas bohat achhi lingeries hai jo color chahiye bol dena mil jayega aur nahi hoga to le aungi”. I was sliding her salwar down & rubbing her thighs.

I said “teri panty ghili hai aur bohat acchi khusbu aa rahi hai, aaj tu yaad karegi mujhse jo milega”. I slide her salwar and she step out of it and here she was in the best lingeries every seen by me. She had 36B bra on her boobs and nice panty. She started to move her body as if dancing and shaking to attract me. I was in jeans. On her every dance step my dick was giving a jerk upwards (raising).

I said “madarchod bas thumka hi lagayegi ya mujhe azad bhi karegi?” she came and wrap her right feet on my left leg and hugged again. Immediately after that she unbutton my jeans and I got a bit relax. She unzipped my jeans and I was playing with her boobs & pulling her panty strips to tease her. She sat on her knee and pulled my jeans upto my ankle.

I removed it on my own. I was in jockey and the bulge was near to her forehead. She rub her hand over my thighs and legs. Now I just lightly hold her hair and slowly guide her towards my bulge. She was a kind of resisting but my force made her close to the bulge. She put her hand beneath my balls and took it back to rub my butt & ass crack.

I said “kya meri gaand mein ungli karne ka irada hai?” she said “woh bhi kar dunga gandu thodi thand rakh”. From behind she pull my jockey making it to reaveal my butt. Cold air was touching my butt arousing me and she was like rubbing her hand with eyes closed, also brushing her lips to my loda which was in jocky.

I said “bhosadiki chaddi uttar ab intezar nahi hota, she got angry and pulled my jocky in one go till my ankle”. She was glad to see my dick which sprang out and hit her nose. She said “tera aur tere bhai ka ek jaise size ka hai bas uske paas time nahi hai aur tere paas bohat time hai. Aaj tere time ka sahi istemaal hoga dekhiyo”. I said “oh meri rani tu sach mein ek zabardast maal hai.

Mera bhai bhi pagal hai tujhe chhod ke who business mein pada rehta hai. Shayad mere liye hai chhoda hai tujhe madarchod” she said “kya tera land mere muh me lu?” I said “bhenchod to kya isko cut karne ke liye khola hai chut mariki, chal le randi pura andar lena nahi to maar dalunga madarchod”. She kissed the tip and rolled her tongue around it.

She said “maine teri iccha puri ki ab meri bhi kuch icchaye hai, tu puri karegana Vicky?” “teri har iccha puri hogi jann bas bol diyo”. She said “naa to nahi bolega na”. I said “kabhi nahi, bas bol”. She said winking her right eye “mere peshab (urine) se nahana padega tujhe, bol nahayega”. I said “nahi, main nahaunga nahi usse piyunga bhi, woh to mera amrit hoga”.

She was happy to hear my reply and now she was sucking my lund and making it grow more. I was holding her head and pressing towards me. Suddenly one more thought came to my mind and I said “ae raand idhar dekh, ae choot idhar dekh…dekh upar”. She looked at me with “?”, I said “tere paas high heel sandal hai?”, she said “kyu?” I said “meri gaand mein dalunga, saali choot mari ki.

Tujhe pehnaunga” she said “hai lekin bahar hall mein jana padega” I said “to jaa”. She open the door of my room and went to closed main door with scary face. Believe me she was only in her yellow lacy lingeries. She got it in her hand and rushed back to the bedroom. She got a beigh/gold color high heel sandal. I said put it “on”.

She did it. Now we were again back to each other hugging, kissing, and doing all arousing thing which was possible to do. I was slapping her when she push her gaand towards me while bending in the front. High heel was making her bump raise a bit and that was really looking great and welcoming. I was rubbing her butt and hitting slaps making it red.

She was swaying her head making her hair dance from one shoulder to other. I was in heaven and after dying will never ask for heaven, definitely prefer hell since heaven was all here in my bhabhi’s arms. Now I pull her and hugging her fell on the bed hmmm that was fun. She said “vick tu muth marta hai na!” I said “yes”.

She asked “kiske naam ka?”. “ae raand mere saamne tu rehti thi aur jabse teri red panty dekhi thi tabse main bas tere piche hi hu aur tere naam ka muth marta rehta hu, bhenchod tune meri neend udadi thi. Muth maar maar ke mera lauda dard karta tha fir bhi maarta rehta tha. Madarchod tune bohat tadpaya hai ab dekhti jaa”.
She said “arre mere Vicky darling ko bohat tadpaya hai to ab dekh kya karti hu” saying so she made me lie 
on bed and she came on top and sat on my thighs and took my lund in mouth, sucked once and blow air through mouth. She repeated many times making me feel cool like menthol. I said “tu bhi bohat badi chudakkad hai lagta hai”. She said “ae thoku chut hai chudane ke liye bas maze leta jaa raajaa”.

I hold her hand and brought her to have a frech kiss and were hugging and kissing each other at the same time were turning from one corner to other on the entire bed. Breathing heavily and getting sweat on our body was like fuel to fire. I told her to tie her hair, she did it and form a dough of hair and now she said
“tera bhai bhi accha chodta hai mujhe par who bohat jaldi karta hai, mujhe to aisa pyar chahiye jaisa tu kar raha hai….. Tere bhai ne meri seal todi thi, who bhi bohat jaldi jaldi mein kiya tha. Kash tu mera pati hota to mujhe seal todane ka alag hi maza aata. Khair jo hai so hai. Aaj jamke chudai karenge, bol chodega na?” I replied “aaj teri chut faad dalunga”.

Then again we were in each other arms. Finally she made me sleep on my back with my head on pillow & she sat on my crotch. Of course my dick was pushing towards her pussy but cannot enter due to her panty still on. She bend and kiss me and while going back spit on my face, I got angry but liked it. She rub it on my face and bit on my chest.

I hold her hand and brought her closer and taking my hands back opened her bra. She turned her face and was looking at the corner. Slowing I pulled her bra and revealed the hidden treasure (her melons). Fantastic guys I wish I could take some pictures and upload for you. She brought her hands on my tummy and I was massaging her boobs, holding her erect nipples.

Rubbing with my hand. She was looking at the ceiling with close eyes and moaning and started mummering “daba saale benchod, madarchod, lootle pure bubbe ko, daba aur nichod inn nipples ko….vicky aur karo bas karte raho haaaaa aeeeee ooooooo dabao meri jaan please rukna mat….!” I got more excited and was making her boobs red while pressing…!

Then while holding her gaand I turn around and she was on her back and me on top. I was sucking and sucking and sucking her boobs…..lovely feeling it was. I rolled her on her stomach and kissed her buttocks over panty. I rolled her again on her back and took my head near her crotch and was sucking her pussy over panty. She was wet like hell.

She was holding my head and was pressing towards her pussy. I put my hand in her panty strips and started sliding down. She was badly massaging her own pussy and the moment I reached her knee with her panty, she almost stood up on her knee and threw the panty after removing. She stood in a way that my face was exactly below her pussy.

Within seconds she squirted with almost 1 litre of fluid. She squirted on my face and I was wet. I tasted it, it was annoying but was giving immence pleasure too. I find it great and the very next moment she fell on bed landing on her gaand. She was almost exhausted. I said “yeh kya kiya saali raand, tu mere pe muti benchod” she said

“menu malum nahi lagta hai me bohat excited ho gayi thi, sorry” I said “lekin sahi mein maza aa agaya yaar. Chudai karo to ismein koi restriction na rakho bas maza lete jaao” “Rinku I love you sweetheart, you are great. Kaash tu meri randi biwi hoti benchod” After a break of 5 min we came into position and were hugging.

She said “ chal chod ab bas ho gaya, raha nahi jaata” I took a good position and try to push my dick in her lovehole. It was not easy on my part but was managing it by any way and little by little was pushing and finaly it was in. I have hit the target. After 30 seconds I started stroking and pushing my bhabhi to heaven, she had tied me with her ankle now and I was just fucking my dream bhabhi.
Thanks to those red panty and my like to lingeries. Since it was my first time. I stroked a finally felt my legs shivering she understood and told me “pani mere mu mein chodiyo chodu nahi to gadbad ho jayegi. I was not understanding what will happen next and how I will do wht she said?

She helped me took it out and took my wet lund in her mouth after laying me on my back and let my whole cum flow in her mouth. She lick it clean and sucked my dick. Oh we were exhaust. She also selpt beside my arms and were tired to rest. But she had really made me feel the pleasure of being a man and correct way to use my dick.

We had a lot more session of love and sex, but first one will be always remembered. I hope by writing my experience you were into my stories with me on the same bed and enjoyed the way I did. I would love your comments in return. Cheers. Good bye.


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